SEO – Dead or Alive ? | Addressing Google Algo Updates

SEO – Dead or Alive ? | Addressing Google Algo Updates

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

There has been much discussion recently over recent Google changes and their subsequent impact on the SEO world – well I suppose the updates haven’t been too recent, but, we have received an influx of client inquiries in the last couple weeks as to how SEO is impacted and how clients campaigns are impacted.

1 – Google has updated their Algorithm with a recent update referred to in the SEO world as the Penguin update. (more information can be read in regards to this update here)

2 – The truth – Google updates their search algorithm DAILY. About once a year for the last 2 years an update makes some major noise in the SEO world. Last year a similar update called the Panda update was released. Some SEO firms using these Animal updates as a poor performance scapegoat simply had a bad campaign plan going in or used outdated methods as a whole.

3 – Algo updates target by far and away mostly spam. Updates by Google usually target low level, robotic, and, process based SEO methods and these recent updates are intended to drop rankings of listings which have been achieved mostly through poor and low quality links.

The fact remains that what these updates have made it more difficult to achieve top rankings on search engines, as social media factors have become increasingly more relevant in determining a given websites overall value. However, the answer to Google updates is quality. Quality writing, quality link building, quality user experience on websites. Online Marketers need to think that they are not optimizing a site for a machine but a person. Producing quality content, building relationships with real people and building links that would entice someone to actually click have all the necessary elements of creating “social” relevancy. If you are doing (or even making a concerted effort in doing) the above, promising results should take care of themselves.

A few other things to keep in mind:

-Many advertisers recommend starting a campaign with broad match to reach the largest audience.

-Keywords are not case sensitive.

-Match types can be used on the search and the display network.



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