Improve Your PPC Campaign with Ad Extensions

Improve Your PPC Campaign with Ad Extensions

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

One of the biggest challenges of PPC advertising is delivering the right information to the right audience. Utilizing Google AdWords ad extensions is an effective way to offer additional information by adding links to your ads with no additional cost. Ad extensions offer improved visibility and can be customized for different campaigns.

AdWords will show one or more of your extensions with your ads when it calculates that they will improve your campaign’s performance.

Common Types of Ad Extensions:

An App Extension links directly to your mobile app so users can quickly use or download it.

A Call Extension allows users to easily call your business directly from your ad with the press of one button.

A Location Extension helps nearby users find your business by providing an address and adding a map pin to your ad.

Sitelink Extensions add links to specific pages of your website to your ad, so users can find the information they need faster.

Seller Rating Annotations and Review Extensions can showcase positive reviews and ratings of your business.

Social Annotations show how many Google+ followers your business has.

Each ad extension is setup a little differently, but you can add them to your campaign, edit them, or remove them at any time.



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