Google Adwords Management

Google Ads PPC Management

If you are a local business you will immediately benefit from our PPC Management. We manage thousands of campaigns with a proven lead generating approach. We know how to get you in front of new customers in your area, at the exact moment they are searching for you!

Free Account Setup & No Long Term Contracts

Our clients to work with us long term because of the value we provide. Not our contracts. After the first month, you can cancel anytime. We offer free account setup for clients who sign up within a week after their free consultation. Most agencies charge over $1K in setup fees! We want to build your trust and make getting started with us risk free. 

Obsessive, 24/7 PPC Optimization

Most PPC campaigns waste 50% of their budget on bad clicks! Your PPC campaign is always our top priority. Our experts obsessively watch, optimize, & maximize your campaign 24/7.

And So Much More

Real Time Tracking Dashboard

We utilize advanced technology to measure your campaign’s ROI. Our real time tracking dashboard tracks & analyzes all PPC metrics as well as detailed phone call and lead analysis in real time. Unlike other forms of marketing, PPC generates quantifiable results. You can review all your campaign performance and leads in real time and always know your exact ROI.

Work With The PPC Experts

Most agencies attempt to be a jack of trades, but they are a master of none. They “add on” PPC, but it’s not a specialization. Don’t make that mistake! We implement campaigns guaranteed to outperform the competition with lead generation that’s unmatched. We know the pattern in search behavior that allows us to implement the most effective PPC campaigns possible. Let us build the bridge between search results & your target customer today.

Focused on Lead Generation

Most agencies can generate traffic from their PPC, but, rarely do they deliver the leads your looking for! We have developed a proven PPC lead generation model. Each of our client’s require a unique approach but we also understand search behavior in your industry and have a proprietary & successful model from years of experience implemented into all our campaigns to ensure you receive the most effective lead generating PPC campaign from day 1. With Enlightened Media, you are NOT a guinea pig.

Laser Targeted, Fully Optimized PPC Ads

We implement a laser targeted PPC strategy proven to grow business. We manage thousands of campaigns & know exactly how to connect you with your ideal customer at the exact moment they’re searching for you. All campaigns include precise geo-targeting, optimized keyword targeting and selection, ad copy built to optimize conversions, mobile ads, Google maps ads, daily bid optimization, and more!

Client Success

Keith's Heating & Air Conditioning


Increase in Conversions

Keith’s AC has served the Mississippi Gulf Coast area since 2008, started working with Enlightened Media in 2016 to manage their online presence including Google Ads, Facebook Ads & SEO. The PPC & SEO have seen so successful that Keith’s AC has now grown into the leading provider of air conditioning & heating maintenance, new equipment sales, installation & repairs in entire Mississippi Gulf Coast region growing over 20X in revenue since hiring Enlightened Media!