Call Tracking

Quantifiable Results To Evaluate Success

We utilize an advanced lead-tracking database to help measure your campaign’s success. Customized monthly reports give detailed information about calls generated from your PPC campaign. Unlike other forms of marketing, PPC campaigns generate quantifiable results to evaluate success. Review all your leads in detail from online marketing and measure an exact ROI from your investment. We setup a client login if you wish to review your data in real time.

Enlightened Media utilizes a real time lead tracking analytics and AdWords PPC conversion tracking on your website, free of charge. We provide complete transparency into the lead volume and ROI being produced by your campaign in real time and allow you to to see what top keywords and campaigns are converting. We also use this data to better optimize your account, which means a better return on your investment!

Call Tracking Services

Call Analytics

We partner with Marchex phone call analytics platform for tracking all ad campaign generated phone calls

Dashboard Integration

Say goodbye to having several platforms to login to to track all ad data. We integrate all phone call, lead, and ad related data all in one place.

Seamless Integration

Our development team integrates call and lead tracking code for you seamlessly and without additional fees for clients onto their websites

Call Recordings

Accurately track all your phone calls to the correct ad platform and channel and even keyword level

Unlimited Numbers

Clients receive unlimited call tracking numbers to measure performance from Google Ads, SEO, Facebook or traditional marketing so you know exactly which marketing channels produce call leads

No Long Term Contracts

We work without long term contract requirements for all clients making getting started as rick free as possible